Painter of Contemporary Landscapes, UK

At first, the Landscapes appear to be calm and meditative in content and colour, with soft, uncomplicated shapes merging into each other. Yet up close, and looking beyond the surface, many layers can be seen – scratched, abraded and scraped – revealing snippets of what lie beneath. Inspiration comes from long walks through forests or along coastal cliff tops. I’m particularly drawn to paths, trees and big skies. There is no composition in mind when I start a piece. It just develops as I paint – mostly imagined, or perhaps ‘remembered’.

Sustainability is important to me, so the canvases are made from abandoned, discarded or donated wood already in existence. Natural mediums of chalk paint, pigments and charcoal are my usual ‘go to’s. 

If you would like more info on any aspect of my work, please do contact me HERE. I would love to hear from you.  Alter Ego @NaturallyYas